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Home Theater Murals

The darkness in a home theater gives us a unique opportunity to create dramatic finishes. Fluorescent paints (with the help of black lights) can create wonderful night skies or celestial murals for your theater ceiling or walls. Your favorite film characters painted on the wall can set the mood for your movie watching experience. Custom faux finishes can further enrich the atmosphere of your theater.

Theatre Night Sky MuralMural - Theater night sky muralMetallic - Silver Theatre ceilingDr Milky's Waiting RoomCommercial - Kids Mural in Dentist Officenight sky with glass bead surrondMural - Futuristic  Theatre with City ScapeTheatre Mural - YodaTheatre Mural - TerminatorTheatre Night sky mural for TheatreHome Theater MuralsMural - Night Sky on Theatre CeilingTheatre mural with metallic wax wallsTheatre Night sky Mural with starsSky Mural in TheatreFaux texture on walls with glaze in theatreTheatre Night Sky Mural in Florescent PaintsHome Theatre signFaux Rusted PanelsRusted MuralHome theatre Futuristic CityNight Sky for Man CaveFox Theatre Marquee ClubFox Theatre Marquee Club 2Fox Theatre Marquee Club 3Fox Theatre Marquee Club 4Blacklight night sky
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