Venetian Plasters

Decorative Plasters

Since the first century AD, Plastering techniques and processes remained much the same. While always in use, it was rediscovered and made popular again in the Italian Renaissance. Artists and architects embraced it as both an old and new technique, and Venetian plaster became a highly desired finish for walls. Whether you want heavy texture or high gloss completely smooth, I have an option that will work for you. One popular finishing technique is Venetian Plaster. It involves thin layers of plaster applied with a trowel and then burnished to create a smooth surface with the illusion of depth and texture. This is just one of several plaster finishes, glass beads and 3D gels I offer.

Texture - Venetian PlasterTexture - Venetian Plaster with embedded Damask design.Metallic finish Faux Crocodile  LeatherTexture - Venetian Plaster LusterstoneTexture - LusterStoneTexture Plaster with glaze in grayTexture - Venetian Plaster Lusterstone in NicheTexture - Venetian Plaster with Metallic chrome trimTexture -  Plaster work with knock downTexture Plaster with ColorwashTexture White Marmorino PlasterTexture - Venetian Plaster with Metallic Gold DoorTexture - Venetian Plaster cracked and aged on ceilingTexture - Venetian Plaster with bronze wax and aged kitchen cabinetsPattern - Moroccan Venetian Plaster TextureOld World - Rooster on Venetian Plaster TexturePattern - Venetian Plaster Texture with colorwashed designTexture - Venetian Plaster with colorwashed damask designTexture - Venetian Plaster with Metallic Damask DesignTexture - Venetian Plaster with Faux Marble ColumnPattern - Venetian Plaster Texture with Embedded Damask DesignTexture - Venetian Plaster with metallic accents on ceilingVenetian Plaster - Gold TextureVenetian Plaster - Grey TextureVenetian Plaster - LusterstoneDecorative PlastersTexture - Venetian Plaster over marble fireplaceTexture brick with Old world MuralTexture brickVenetian Plaster TextureTexture faux stoneTexture Strié Lusterstone in vertical panelsTexture Venetian Plaster with Bronze waxTexture LusterstoneVenetian Plaster with Embedded designVenetian Plaster Texture with Bronze waxContemporary Metallic plaster textureTexture - Cracked PlasterDecorative Plaster - with aging glazeDecorative Plaster - Metallic LusterstonePlaster Texture Metallic LusterstoneTexture Venetian Plaster on walls, Aged Glaze on doors and trimPlaster TextureTexture plaster and Metallic silver leaf columnNiche with Metallic Gold Leaf and Venetian Plaster WallsOld World Mural - Coat of Arms with Aged PlasterDune Metallic Plaster - Ombre colorfadeDamask/ Swahili Metallic Silver CeilingHorizontally dragged plasterSwahili Metallic PlasterMetallic plaster SwahiliFaux Concrete fireplaceSilver Leaf tray with LusterstoneSilver Leaf tray with LusterstoneGlass beadsFaux Crocodile skinGlass beads on barreled ceilingimage-20170325_122333Glass beadsGlass beadsGlass beadsVenetian plaster to match tileVenetian PlasterMetallic strie plasterVenetian PlasterVenetian PlasterMetallic plaster with glass strieGlass BeadsSwahili metallic plasterAged plasterStrieconcreteGlass BeadsTextured plaster with glazeMetallic plasterMetallic plasterFour tone plasterMetallic base with two tone topcoat plasterBark faux plaster workmetallic base with plaster topcoatConcrete
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